Braxton Legal Services, LLC provides legal research and brief writing, as well as comprehensive appellate brief services and general litigation support. We can draft any type of pleading or discovery you require. We also provide legal blog content for attorneys that do not have the time to blog. If you need any help in these areas, or if you need other types of litigation support in order to meet deadlines when time is limited, let us know.

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Comprehensive and reliable legal research

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Persuasive and legally sound motions and briefs

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My small firm centers the majority of its practice on Employment Discrimination issues. We recently decided to add substantive, informative information to our website so that Alabama employees can find answers to their employment questions. By subscribing to Braxton Legal Services' top-notch blogging service, my firm reached many more employees with questions about their rights than we would have otherwise. The blogs written by Braxton Legal Services are interesting, informative, and very insightful. Braxton Legal Services also provides valuable consulting services that we have utilized on multiple occasions. Braxton Legal Services' advice and guidance on complex litigation matters has been instrumental in our ability to successfully pursue our clients' claims. We highly recommend Braxton Legal Services.
Joshua Wrady
Josh Wrady, Esq.
Wrady & Michel, LLC
Toni Braxton worked with me on a complex class action involving allegations of discriminatory hiring practices. She did an excellent job organizing and analyzing a massive amount of discovery responses and researching and writing various motions and briefs which was crucial to achieving a meaningful result for our African American clients. I would never hesitate to work with her again or to recommend her to other lawyers or prospective clients.
Thomas F. Campbell, Esq.
Campbell Law

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